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About Chalmers Contracting

Since August 2014, Chalmers Contracting has expanded significantly, supporting multiple employees and their families. As we continue to refine our skills and grow, we eagerly anticipate future challenges.


We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships; our clients often become friends who say, “I’m going to miss you guys around here…


Above all, we prioritize strong client relationships, clear communication, a healthy workplace environment that respects our clients’ comfort zones, and celebrating both personal and company achievements.

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Meet Caleb Chalmers

About the Owner

I’ve been in the construction business for 16 years. As I was finishing High School, my father asked me, “What are you going to do with your life?” All I could think to say was that I’d like to be in a band or be a carpenter. I still love playing guitar, but becoming a journeyman carpenter and a contractor has been a fulfilling career path. It has provided a living for my growing family, and I love it!

I am fortunate to have a strong support system full of innovative people who improve everything we do.

At Chalmers Contracting
we pride ourselves on being
honest, on-time & on-budget.
Quality above all

Meet the Team

Seth Martens
The OG!

Seth has been an exceptional employee since the beginning of Chalmers Contracting. Caleb relies on Seth’s skill, vast experience, and most of all, his friendship. If you need someone to tell you how it’s done, ask Seth.
Neil McKenna
Construction Manager

Neil came on as a temporary employee, but we like him and he likes us, so he’s stuck around. His life experience and vast knowledge bring an unparalleled asset to the team. Thank you, Neil, for being the oil in this machine!
Caleb Chalmers
Owner & Journeymen Carpenter

Caleb was mentored by JH Builders and Zollhaus Builders. He was given excellent opportunities to refine his craft and acquire his Journeyman’s certificate. Caleb enjoys being part of the crew and is proud to be surrounded by quality people.
Jake Legere
Jake is one of those guys that can do it all. He’s our resident mechanic, handyman, and carpenter. With experience in business for himself, he gets the bigger picture, and knows that there is more to a successful contractor than just knowing how to build things. He’s a happy, helpful guy and we are excited to see all that he has to offer.
Curtis Neufeld
Journeyman Carpenter

Curtis is an excellent addition to the team. As a seasoned journeyman carpenter, there is nothing he can’t do. He has extensive experience in everything from concrete to fine finishing. We rely on Curtis to provide quality training, workmanship and great customer service.
Jackson Holding

Despite being one of the younger guys on the crew, Jackson grasps that successful contracting demands more than technical skill. With a cheerful attitude and readiness to assist, he's a vital part of our team. We eagerly anticipate the impact he'll make as he evolves in his role.
Sid Chalmers
Admin & Support

Sid Chalmers, father of Caleb Chalmers, serves part-time at Chalmers Contracting. As a retired pastor, he is our crew chaplain and the guys always appreciate having him around. He also does accounting and admin.
Dan Warkentin
Journeyman Carpenter

Besides being one of the most reliable guys around, Dan always makes everyone laugh. When Dan's on-site the job gets done quickly and well. that's why he has earned the nick name "Get 'er Done Dan".
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